Here is a list of happy customers from Competition shooters, Law Enforcement/Military professionals, and hunters.

"Marc Soulie from Spartan Rifles is one of the premier custom rifle builders in the United States. His builds are placing shooters in the top finishes in nationally-ranked tactical precision rifle matches. When you want your hard-earned money and top shelf parts to produce a one of a kind, extremely accurate custom rifle, I recommend Spartan Rifles. I have seen his work ethic and craftsmanship first hand.  His shop is state of the art, and his attention to detail is second to none in this industry. I am very selective of the people I recommend for rifle builds, and give Spartan rifles my absolute highest recommendation without hesitation. Marc is now building all my personal custom bolt action rifles, and also some rifles for our Shooting Team. Thank you Marc for all you do for the precision rifle shooting community."

With profound respect,
Mark Hartwell
Storm Tactical Data Books

"I have been shooting long range for years.  I had my hands on some beautiful rifles through my military career as well as afterwards, but my Spartan rifle is the most accurate and stable rifle that I have had the pleasure to own and operate.  The most important shot is the cold bore shot.  A tactical shooter must know where that first round will go with surgical precision.  My Spartan Rifle does just that – the rifle is very stable and predictable.  Not only is the first shot predictable, but the rifle delivers sub-0.5 MOA accuracy repeatably.  The rifle craftsmanship is outstanding.  Everything fits and functions beautifully from the assembly, bedding, through the coating."

Wes T.

"Marc builds an awesome rifle. After doing load development my Spartan 308 groups sub .25 moa at 100 yards. Can’t go wrong with shooting a Spartan rifle. Thanks Marc for the awesome build."

Chad L.

"Marc has worked on two different rifles for me so far.  His attention to the smallest mechanical details of the build are impressive and the resulting work is really top-notch.  Just as importantly, Marc is a great guy to work with and has gone out of his way to accommodate my schedules and my endless questions.  As an example, when I had a mechanical component failure on the eve of a major match, Marc was willing to step away from a high priority project to help me out and get my rifle back on line.  Spartan rifles:  High precision rifles, great customer service."

Scott S.

"My name is Joe Ducos and I have been shooting and collecting tactical rifles since about 1990. Through law enforcement and varmint shooting I have been able to shoot some of the nicest and most expensive rifles in the industry. I have known Marc for a few years as a competitor and fellow club member, so when he offered the club rifle build I jumped at the chance to own one. The .260 he built for me, from materials, to craftsmanship is nothing short of amazing. The rifle is an awesome piece of work and performs far better than I can. Fit and finish are on or above par with rifles from the top builders in the country, bar none! So whether you’re in the market for a tack driving tactical rifle or hunting rig, I highly recommend Marc’s work! Spartan Rifles are the way to go!!!"

Joe Ducos

"Marc, we are back from killing furry critters…..The “Walkabout” performed spectacularly in the field with both the Hornady and Nosler factory 40gr. ammo.  Shot close to 500 rounds through it. The first part of the two part article for Varmint Hunter was being edited last week and I’m starting on part two soon. Thanks for a great rifle."

John Markwell
Varmint Hunter Magazine
ASC Match director


"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how satisfied I am with you and your company. My Spartan .308 bolt rifle is super accurate and consistent. As you now know, I’m not a competition shooter but this rifle really makes me look good. It will shoot any type of match grade ammo I run through it with ease. I look forward to the .300 win mag you are currently building for me, and I cannot wait to see it."

Barry B.